Welcome to Vinny’s Last Ride!

Welcome folks! Vinny’s Last Ride is a vintage rock & pop band originally from Lake Cowichan, a small town on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The band loves to have a good time, so grab yerself a beer, yer sweetie and head out on the dance floor. Vinny wants to party!

And while yer here, don’t be shy! Poke around a bit. Maybe sit down, roll a fatty, then relax, put yer feet up and listen to some fine tunes. VLR would really appreciate it if you’ll “like” ’em on Facebook and “follow” ’em on Twitter. And while yer at it, wouldn’t ya just love to download some of VLR’s tunes to yer iPod? Com’on, it’s only a buck a shot! (Their first CD release “Visions” will be available to purchase real soon now.)

Ya all come back now, ya hear!

Support an indie artist, follow VLR on Twitter” and “like” VLR on Facebook-

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