The Assassin


Track 1 from the CD “A Little Bit Crazy” by Vinny’s Last Ride:

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The Assassin

The assassin is in town
You know he will not fail
There’s no use in running around
He’ll follow your every trail
You’d better say your prayers
And kiss yourself goodbye
He’s itching for the kill
And ten thousand dollar bills

You’re money for the hit man
Money for the hit man
Just money for the hit man
The assassin is in town

You thought you had it made
‘Till you gave yourself away
The debt you haven’t paid
Is payable today
His sites are in focus
His finger’s on the trigger
He’s got you in his eye


He’s got your screaming, “murder!”
But nobody’s gonna hear
You can’t run on any further
He caught you in the clear
When he takes out a contract
He always gets his man
If you wear the kiss of death

You’re money for the hit man

A rich man, a poor man
A pimp or a king
The assassin guns ’em down
From London and Paris
To the USA
The Assassin gets around


Words & Music by Leon Portelance

Vocals: Sean “Julio” Vance
Piano & Rhodes: Leon Portelance
Guitar: Art Nesbit-Jones
Sax Section: Ross Barrett
Bass: Dave Quarterman
Drums: Ian Armour

Produced by Leon Portelance
Recording Engineer: Keith Stein, Mushroom Studios, Vancouver, BC Canada
Mixing Engineer: Leon Portelance, Songbird Productions, Sonora, CA USA
Re-Mixing Engineer: Isha Erskine, Los Angeles, CA USA
Mastering Engineer: Adam Nunn, Abbey Road Studios, London, England

ISRC: QM-Y3A-11-00001
Copyright © 1979 & 2011, Leon Portelance, Kaatza Music (SOCAN)



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